Group Travel Activities That Your Whole Group Will Enjoy

Group Travel Activities That Your Whole Group Will Enjoy

Group Travel Activities That Your Whole Group Will Enjoy

Planning group travels can be challenging due to the fact that people have unique abilities and preferences. After listening to a friends story that owns his own business out in Texas called Southwest Appliance Repair and thanks to the success of that venture he is able to travel a lot and he always has his pointers to share with me when we sit down for a lil jack and coke. One of his tips he gave in this last meet, was that it is possible to come up with a plan that appeals to all. You just need to understand of the goal of your trip, the travel destination and what your group members would love to do while traveling. Here are some of the best group travel activities that your entire group can enjoy.


One of the essentials of traveling is to explore different landscapes. And, sightseeing is the best way to discover unique attractions. You can watch people and the scenery. Your group can also visit historic landmarks like museums and national parks during the trip. This will give everyone an opportunity to experience the culture of the area. While on sightseeing tours, you can also take photos and record videos.

Nature Walks and Hiking

If you are traveling to a destination with features like forests, mountains, parks and slopes, nature walks and hiking can be quite enjoyable to the entire group. Nature walks and hiking entail exploring different natural habitats on foot. These activities are not only healthy but they also allow you to reconnect with nature in a personal way. However, they will be more fun if all the members of the group can walk.


Canoeing is an activity that requires team effort and engaging in it can be a great way to strengthen the bonds of friendship among group members. To add fun to it, you can even engage in competitions. You can also use the canoes to visit different water attractions like lagoons, fisheries and others. Canoeing is only possible in destinations that have water bodies like rivers and lakes.


It’s obvious that all of you will eat during the trip. However, booking reservations at a beachfront resort or somewhere in the wild for a special dinner will be truly amazing. You can choose a spot to dine together while watching the sunset or even under the moon. This can be a remarkable experience for the entire group.

Consider these activities when traveling as a group to enjoy a remarkable experience.


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Tips for Traveling with Disabilities

Tips for Traveling with Disabilities

Traveling with disabilities can sometimes seem like a big risk to take. However, disability is not inability and, people with disabilities can still experience smooth and fun trips around the globe. There is nothing outrageous about traveling with visible or invisible disabilities. The following tips can help you ensure the best travels with disabilities. 

Notify Your Airline about the Disability 

When buying tickets for your trip, you should clearly explain to the airline staff about the disabilities so they make the best preparations for ease of access. Today, many airlines have various measures for passengers with disabilities to make your trip as stress-free as possible. Some airlines will assign a staff member to guide you through the airport checkpoints and when you land. Others also allow visually impaired people to board with guide dogs. 

Book a Hotel with Accessible Facilities 

While many hotels today have provisions for persons with disabilities, some do not have them. Therefore, it is always important that you carefully check with the hotel before booking to avoid frustrations. For example, if your condition requires that you travel with a wheelchair, ensure the hotel has accessible rooms and facilities to support persons on wheelchairs like access lifts or support staff dedicated to the service of the disabled. 

Work with Travel Agents 

Travel agents that specialize in working with travelers with disabilities or accessible travels can make it very easy for you to plan and execute an incredible trip. Such travel agents can handle every aspect of the trip on your behalf including, planning the itinerary, buying flight tickets, booking hotels among other travel essentials. Experienced accessible travel agents will make all the necessary preparations to ensure smooth and memorable adventures. 

Besides a travel agent, you may also want to consider hiring a tour guide. Nevertheless, traveling with disabilities can always be fun when you plan. Instead of worrying about what could happen on the road, focus on making every moment of your trip count. 

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Advice on How to Plan a Mountain Climbing Expedition

Advice on How to Plan a Mountain Climbing Expedition

When planning a mountain climbing expedition, you start by building up fitness level and practicing on challenging slopes. You also get comfortable boots for climbing and socks. But, you also need to get final details right. Reaching to the peak of your target mountain is your goal. However, you need help to get there safely. Therefore, get a reliable expedition company to guide you with preparations and logistics.

Decide Whether to Go on the Expedition Solo or in a Group

If you are prepared, going on a mountain climbing expedition solo sounds great. That’s because it will give you a chance to stretch yourself and know your limits. You will come back knowing more about yourself than when you go on the expedition in a group. But, you reduce the safety factor that comes with having partners.

If you go with a partner, make sure that it’s a person you can easily get along with. It should also be somebody you trust fully. If the objectives of your expedition are more challenging, go in a group of three or more people. This gives you company at the belay stances that may be long and where you can develop dark thoughts.

Another alternative is to go on the expedition as a larger team. This can be made of relatives or friends. Larger team expeditions tend to be more sociable and the experience can be more challenging. Make sure that you know each other, the strengths and weaknesses of each team member.

Get Travel Insurance

Before you go on a mountain climbing expedition, get adequate travel insurance. Make sure that the policy that you buy covers mountaineering to the height of your target mountain. Also check with the doctor some months before the expedition. You may need some immunization before the expedition. Therefore, make sure that you check with the doctor early.

Once you have everything ready, get moving and let your loved ones know where you will be going. Have fun and focus on stretching yourself to the limit.

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How Travel Has Improved Due to Technology

How the world operates has changed significantly due to technology. Many aspects of the human life have changed thanks to technology. How people do things is now more convenient and a lot easier. For instance, you can now rent a car at your travel destination and book accommodation before you travel. In fact, it’s almost impossible to complete your trip without using technology at some point. From reading reviews of travel destinations to booking flights and accommodation, many people depend on technology. Here are some of the ways travel has changed due to technology.

Travel has Become More Affordable

Technology enables travelers to access many things they need to travel affordably. For instance, you can now browse flight prices and compare them before you travel. You can also take advantage of flight deals in the last minute by having email notifications. There are also many applications and sites that focus on helping users find the cheapest fares and accommodation.

Travel Has Become More Eco-Friendly

You can opt to travel in an eco-friendly manner thanks to modern technology. For instance, you don’t need printed plane tickets, hotel or train reservation as well as a boarding pass. All the information in these printed papers can be carried in a mobile device and displayed when required. Due to e-tickets, online check-ins, and reservations, you no longer have to carry papers whose making process kills trees.

Planning a Trip is Now Easier

Booking a flight, hotel, or train requires you to make a few clicks on your computer. There are also countless blogs that provide tips, information, and deals on travel. You also have many options to choose from using technology. Thus, technology eliminates the hassle of getting the information required to plan a trip.

Basically, travel has improved significantly due to modern technology. Today, even governments are making warnings and recommendations to travelers from their countries using technology. Therefore, to enjoy travel more, embrace modern technology.


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How Far In Advance to Book International Flights

How Far In Advance to Book International Flights

How Far In Advance to Book International Flights


It’s the dream of every traveler to find cheap international flights. An early or advance booking is one of the best ways to avoid huge airfares when it comes to international flights. However, most travelers still find it quite hard to determine how early they should book international flights. If you have a similar concern, read on for ideas about how far in advance you should buy tickets for international flights.

Recent studies have revealed proper timing is integral to airfares. Most of these studies are conducted by analyzing the trends of various airline operators with regards to airfares. An example is the International Airfare Study by CheapAir. The study reviewed a wide range of airfares for international flights over a period of one year. To determine when international flights have the lowest fares, they studied all the possible days passengers could buy the airline tickets.

Airfares for International Flights Vary Based On Regions

Generally, domestic flights have a Prime Booking Window that requires passengers to buy tickets about 3 weeks or forty five days in advance. Bookings for international flights on the other hand, open about 11 months in advance. Thus, you can opt to buy your flight ticket at any time within that period. However, studies have shown that sometimes, buying international flight tickets very early could be as expensive as buying them at the last minute.

If you want to save money through early bird tickets, the best time to book international flights is at the middle of the 11 months period. But, the airfares are often based on the particular region that you are traveling to.

Here is a breakdown of the best time to buy tickets for international flights by region:  

  • USA and Canada- about 59 days in advance.
  • Mexico and Central America- 61 days after the start of the sale.
  • Caribbean- 76 days in advance
  • South America- 81 days after the beginning of the sale
  • South Pacific- About 3 months or 89 days before the trip
  • Asia- about 3 months or 90 days after the sale opens.
  • Europe- 99 days before departure.
  • Africa and Middle East- about 4 months or 119 days before the takeoff date.

Exceptions for Summer Holidays

During summer holidays, there is a very high demand for international flights that also translate into high airfares. Therefore, you should book a little earlier than the average timings. For off-season international trips, there is no urgency and, it is just fine to wait a bit longer.

Generally, the best time to book international flights is at the middle of the duration of ticket sales.

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How to Choose the Best Restaurants When Traveling

How to Choose the Best Restaurants When Traveling

How to Choose the Best Restaurants When Traveling

Finger licking cuisines and remarkable dining experiences can add great fun to a trip. However, finding the best restaurant for that kind of experience can be quite hard in an area that you are not familiar with.  Below are tips that will help you choose the best restaurant to check into when traveling.

Do Some Research Before Arrival

Before setting out for the trip, try to do some research about the available restaurants in your destination. While doing the research, do not only focus on reading stuff posted on the sites for the restaurants. Instead, also read reviews of popular restaurants in the area to get a better idea of what to expect. In case you know people who have visited the same destination, ask them about some of the best dining spots in the area.

Consider Taking a Culinary Tour

A culinary tour will offer you a personal experience in terms of the dishes offered and customer services at different restaurants. Based on the information gathered from your research, you can either hire a culinary tour guide or simply take a stroll around visiting a few restaurants in the area. At the end of your culinary tour, you will have a better idea of an ideal restaurant that will truly meet your taste buds.

Use an App

In today’s world where almost everything is automated, there are various kinds of mobile applications for finding restaurants in various parts of the world. These applications allow users to sort out restaurant options based on their ratings, price ranges, types of cuisine and even location. Apps with user-generated content like TripAdvisor and Yelp are usually the best. Mobile apps are more convenient since you can use them wherever and whenever you wish.

Generally, there are no clear cut rules on choosing the best restaurants when traveling. However, the tips discussed above and a proper understanding of your culinary expectations can make the task much easier. Here is another place I like to use when selecting a new spot to try when traveling to a new city. Click here and check it.


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Famous Sites to tour in South Africa

South Africa, the most advanced country in Africa, is home to remarkable sites you should visit. Some of these are listed below:

Robben Island

Apartheid South Africa may have ended with the release of Nelson Mandela from prison, but it left behind its marks for the next generation to see and learn. For 18 years, Nelson Mandela served time here, confined in a small cell. Also imprisoned in the island were other political prisoners and common trouble-makers.

Visit this island to learn first hand the details of the haunting cruelty, atrocities and lack of humanity that defined apartheid system. The tour guides themselves are former prisoners of that place, so they speak from their memories, vividly bringing out the prison situation back then. The location is well maintained, quiet and surreal. There is a museum with informative multimedia exhibits to enrich your knowledge about Apartheid South Africa.

Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

You can also visit Cape Town or Duban for a shark experience. You are submerged into the deep ocean for an upfront view of sharks. You have nothing to fear, for you are safely enclosed into a thick iron cage. It is fun to dive deep down there and see sharks in their natural habitat. Many tourists come to have this experience, especially from April to October. Although it is safe, this is not the kind of sport you may want to try after watching horrible shark movies like “Jaws” or “40 Metres Under”. If you lack the courage for this dare-devil thrill, you can watch it from the boat. In fact, watching from the boat gives a more unobstructed view, only you will miss the exhilarating feeling of being in the water with the sharks, even with your adrenaline running high.

The tour guides are friendly. The shark themselves do not seem to be looking for an opportunity to attack.

Kruger National Park

This is not just one of the most safari parks in the world; it is also one of the oldest in South Africa. It is home to the Big Five: rhino, elephant, lion, buffalo, and leopard. It also has a wide variety of wild species, which suddenly appear from nowhere as you take your tour. Tourists can drive through Kruger on the sealed network of roads, or organize a walking trip with a guide whose expertise will add to the experience.

Alternatively, you can float in a hot air balloon for a bird’s eye view of the vast grasslands, rivers, forests and the beautiful animals. But if you are airborne, you won’t be able to see well the archaeological sites and the stunning and unforgettable ancient paintings on rocks by the bushman.

There are comfortable lodges within the park offering great dishes. Start your tour early to have complete fun. Bring with you water and some snacks.

Garden Route

This fantastic Eden is in a coastline area teeming with exquisite beaches that adventure-seekers will love to see. There are lagoons and restaurants serving fresh seafood. You can rent a car to drive through this beautiful landscape or just take a slow-paced hike through the long stretch. Begin your tour at Mossel Bay where you can enjoy swimming, kayaking or sailing. You can also visit Seal Island nearby to ride horses. If you love golf, you can move to the City of George, which is tucked away from the shore. At George, you can visit various museums, apart from playing golf. From George, you can visit Knysna, which is the heart of the Garden Route, according to many. If you are looking for family-friendly beaches, penetrate deep to Plettenberg Bay before winding up at Tsitsikamma National Park for a nature study.


There are still racial tensions in South Africa so you will do for yourself a great favor if you watch your words to avoid possible misunderstandings. Enjoy your moments.

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