E.N.F.E. - WAI's Mission

Witzke Artists International (WAI) is a Germany based full-service talent management agency representing up-and-coming opera and musical theatre professionals, conductors, composers, writers and more. We assist our clients by helping them maneuver successfully through the maze of an ever-changing, fast-paced environment and offer personal guidance all along the way.

With over 25 years of experience in the global opera and musical theatre industry WAI is dedicated to cultivate unique talent and to create individually tailored strategic plans for a healthy, long-lasting career. We use our extensive network to guarantee a constant flow of current information and to help our artists get the attention of artistic directors, general managers and producers worldwide. 

We understand ourselves as a "networking" agency; we are passionate about connecting people, building new relationships and finding like-minded collaborators. We provide creative solutions and a playground for new ideas and cutting edge concepts. We strongly believe in the future of opera and musical theatre and the necessity to develop new audiences through the art of relevant storytelling. 

WAI operates in both Europe and the United States and maintains close friendships and professional work relationships to some of the most renowned institutions of both opera and musical theatre. By serving as an open international creativity hub WAI is striving to become an industry leader in representing talent and new works far beyond the transatlantic connection.


Embracing Artistic Excellence.

Nurturing Young Talent.

Fostering International Relationships.

Encouraging Intercultural Exchange.